My Setup

MacBook Air

This article was published in June 2014. As I change my setup, I’ll start to add and remove items listed in this article. For my current setup, see Stuff I Use. Since I discovered The Sweet Setup by Shawn Blanc, I’ve been admiring all of the different setups listed on the site; especially the Mac

A New Design and a Fresh Start


Even though we’re already half way through 2014, I always like to reflect some of the experiences, mistakes and life lessons learnt from the past year. With this being said, I made plenty of mistakes with my blog last year. 2013 was an amazing year for me personally. I celebrated my blog turning 5 years old, my

Goodbye iOS, Hello Android.


Preface: Happy New Year to all of my readers. I’m astounded that I’ve not written a blog post for over 4 months. I’m hoping to change that, soon. From the age of 10 to date, I’ve had around 20-25 mobile phones; 3 of them being classed as a smartphone – a Nokia E63, an iPhone

Why I switched back to Mac

MacBook Air

Preface: This article isn’t going to be a Mac vs PC debate or hating on one platform because I prefer the other. These are my sole opinions and what I’ve found within two years between switching from Mac to PC back to Mac. In the summer of 2011, I was a very happy Mac owner,

How Twelve South does great customer service

Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad

Disclaimer: This email relates directly to my purchase of the Twelve South Compass Stand. Only out of kindness, and to demonstrate to other companies about how to manage customer service, am I writing this article. In May 2013, I purchased a Twelve South Compass Stand for my iPad 2 from my local Apple Store. Everything