Edinburgh Ferris Wheel

This past weekend, I had the enchanting opportunity to meet up with bloggers from across the United Kingdom and from Scandinavia in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. We went most of the day exploring the city, especially parts of the historic old town; including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the Princes Street Gardens before [...]

Big Ben

We’re finally into the month of November and I’ve not blogged since the beginning of summer. How time flies?! Since I’ve last updated my blog, I’ve turned 20 (and celebrated both at work and at home), I’ve been busy with some special things happening at Magnate and I’m really looking forward to the festive season! [...]


Earlier this year, I switched from iOS to Android for the second time, not because I don't like Apple devices suddenly but I wanted to have a smartphone with a larger screen. Now that I have a 16GB LG Google Nexus 5, I'll show you what my favourite apps are.

2014-07-19 14.04.16

A couple of weeks ago, I boarded a train for a 10 minute trip from the city of Newcastle to the neighbouring city of Durham located on the East Coast Mainline. Despite the poor weather, Durham is always a great place to stroll around if you want a change of scenery. I shopped around Prince Bishops Shopping [...]

MacBook Air

This article was published in June 2014. As I change my setup, I’ll start to add and remove items listed in this article. For my current setup, see Stuff I Use. Since I discovered The Sweet Setup by Shawn Blanc, I’ve been admiring all of the different setups listed on the site; especially the Mac [...]